Why is underground3k usefull for me?
Well, Underground3k is THE place to be for all your info about military vehicles, armor, guns, Taser, clothing and ammo.
Check out www.safetytechnology.org for more non-lethal self-defense products.
We have set up a user friendly site that provides you all info you need!

Oke, thats all very nice but why and how?
Why? Thats easy, the whole team just love military vehicles, they are wonderful machines that changed histroy, for bad and for good.
Before we created this site, we where looking for a complete database for all military vehicles an others,
but we couldn't find a complete one. There for, we created a huge database that contains all registered vehicles.
We run on PHP Fusion, a powerfull CMS that was able to give us all features we want.

How? The plan is to create a huge community where people
can share their photos and thoughts. We have created a forum for you so you can stay in contact with all other military lovers.
With this forum, it's easy to request photo's of vehicles that aren't in the database!

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